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  1. Will Waalkes
  2. Kathleen Wagar, private citizen, retired, Minnesota
  3. Cameron Wake, Research Associate Professor, Climate Change Research Center, UNH
  4. Dr. Abraham Waksman, Retired researcher, professor and US Airforce scientist
  5. Karen Wald-Cohen, International Co-Director, Interns For Peace
  6. Richard Waldo, Software/Firmware engineer Micron Technology Inc
  7. Phillip Walker, Professor of Anthropology, University of California, Santa Barbara
  8. Richard Walker, Professor, Geography, University of California
  9. Terrence Walker, Prof. of Physics, Director The Ohio State University Center for Cosmology and AstroParticle Physics
  10. Paul K. Wallace, PhD, Department of Pathology, Roswell Park Cancer Institute
  11. Susan Wallace, Professor, Forensic Science, Baylor University
  12. Anne Marie Waller, beyond concerned and with good reason, Ohio
  13. John Waller, Librarian M.L.I.S., Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County
  14. Randy Wallis, Geologist, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska
  15. Jim Walsh, Instructor of History, Pearl River Community College
  16. Prof. Edward Walter, Philosophy (ret), University of Missouri-Kansas City
  17. Larry Walton, Proctor
  18. Frederick Marshall Waltz, Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, U. of Minnesota
  19. Fulton Wang, student, University of California-Berkeley
  20. Kevan Wang, undergraduate student at UC Berkeley majoring in MCB genetics and cognitive neuroscience
  21. Mark Wannemueller, Recent biology graduate, University of Southern Indiana
  22. Tom Wansleben, Conservation Biology graduate, Antioch New England University Environmental Studies Department
  23. Deborah Ward, Faculty, Univ of Hawai`i; Hawai`i Institute of Tropical griculture and Human Resources (CITAHR)
  24. Meagan Ward, Program in Neuroscience, Emory University
  25. Naomi Louise Ward, Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular Biology, University of Wyoming
  26. Prof. Peter Ward, faculty member Department of Biology, University of Washington
  27. Brian M. Wargo, Physics & Biology Teacher - Freedom Area High School / PhD Student - Univ of Pittsburgh
  28. Dr. Cynthia Warner, federal scientist, microbiologist
  29. Dane Warner, medical student in North Carolina
  30. David Warner, Professor Emeritus, Ohio Northern University, College of Law
  31. Dr. Elizabeth A. Warner, B.A. B.Sc. (Hons.) Ph.D.
  32. Shelly Washburn, Osseo District 279 and Adjunct Instructor, NDSCS, Minnesota
  33. Elizabeth S. Wasiluk, Planetarium Director, West Virginia
  34. Richard Wassersug, Professor. Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, Dalhousie University
  35. Gary Wassmer, Associate Professor, Bloomsburg University
  36. Dr. Myrna Watanabe, Visiting Scientist, University of Connecticut
  37. James Watkins, M.S., Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Botany, University of Florida
  38. Prof. David Watson, Department of Psychology, University of Iowa
  39. Rudie Watzig, GIS Analyst
  40. Dr. Joseph Wayand, Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology, John Carroll U.
  41. Sara Weathers, Student, University of Michigan
  42. William Weaver, photographer, Minnesota
  43. Eicke R. Weber, Prof. em. MSE, UC Berkeley, now Prof. of Physics, Univers. Freiburg
  44. Robin Weber, Scientific Data Manager, Long Marine Lab, University of California, Santa Cruz
  45. Nathan Webster, PhD student, Chemistry, University of Western Australia
  46. Neta Wechsler, Dept. of Earth Sciences, USC
  47. Carole Wedl, general public
  48. Manfred Weidhorn, Guterman Prof. of English, Yeshiva Univ., author
  49. David Weikersdorfer, student, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München, Germany
  50. Prof. Robert Weinberg, MIT Department of Biology
  51. Alan Weinstein, Professor of Physics, Caltech
  52. Ronald Weintraub, MD, David S. Ginsburg Associate Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School
  53. Rev. William Weir, Unitarian Universalist Clergy, Minnesota
  54. John F. Weishampel, Professor of Biology at University of Central Florida
  55. Jean Weiss, PhD. Chemistry Research Director for the CNRS, France
  56. Martin Weiss, Vice President, Science, New York Hall of Science
  57. Robert Weiss, Research Tech., Stevens Institute of Technology
  58. Dr. James M. Welch, Assistant Professor, Wittenberg University Dept. of Biology
  59. Kenneth Welch, Postdoctoral Researcher in the Department of Biology at the University of California, Riverside
  60. Leo Welch, Professor of Biology Southwestern Illinois College
  61. Q. B. Welch, Retired Public Health Official
  62. Wm J. Welch, Professor of Astronomy, UC Berkeley
  63. Gary Allen Wellborn, Associate Professor, Department of Zoology, University of Oklahoma
  64. Daniel Welsh, Bowling Green State University Graduate Student in Ecology
  65. Susan Elizabeth Welsh, Physical Oceanography consultant
  66. Dr. Kees Welten, Research Chemist, UC Berkeley
  67. Kwun Wah Wen, med student-University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  68. Dr. Jonathan Wendel, EEOB Chair, Iowa State University
  69. Dean Wendt, Assistant Professor, Center for Coastal Marine Science, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
  70. Paul Wermager, department head, University of Hawaii
  71. Derek Werner, Independent Performance Studies Scholar, Director, and Performer
  72. Dr. Alexander John Werth, Professor of Biology, Hampden-Sydney College
  73. Dr. Andrew West, Astronomer, U. C. Berkeley
  74. Robert Mac West, President, Informal Learning Experiences Science museum consultant/paleontologist
  75. Dr. Marilyn Westfall, Board of the American Humanist Association
  76. Christopher Westman, Student, University of Nebraska at Omaha
  77. Karen Westphal, Coastal Scientist at LSU/SC&E Special Programs
  78. Ronald K Wetherington, Professor of Anthropology, Southern Methodist University
  79. David S. Wethey, Professor of Biological Sciences, South Carolina University
  80. Dr. Richard Wetzler
  81. Emily Wexler, SJSU Graduate in Engineering
  82. Lewis Wexler, Professor Emeritus of Radiology, Stanford University
  83. Bill Whitcomb, Clinical Data Manager at a radiology service
  84. Gerald White, Consultant to the federal government in project management of transit projects
  85. Julie White, Research scientist for National Tropical Botanical Gardens
  86. Justin White, UNC-Chapel Hill School of Public Health
  87. Maurice White, Aeronautical Research Scientist (ret.), NASA
  88. Neil L. White, Prof. Emeritus, Mathematics, University of Florida
  89. Robin White, Leftfield Advertising
  90. Rod White, Head of Temperature Standards, Industrial Research Ltd, New Zealand
  91. Shawn White, Science Educator, Bishop Museum
  92. Pam Whiting, teacher, Orange Glen High School, science dept., CA
  93. Edward A Whittaker, Professor of Physics, Stevens Institute of Technology
  94. Marcus Widenfors, teacher, Malmö, Sweden
  95. Christopher Wiegand, MD, Arizona
  96. Brian Wieland, Student, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  97. Tobias Wieschnowsky, Virginia Tech Computer Science Student
  98. Loy Wiese, Emeritus Physics Professor, Diablo Valley College
  99. Paul Wigton II, Geologist, US Geological Survey
  100. Chaminda Wijesundara, Graduate Student, University of Hawaii
  101. Diane Wiley, President, National Jury Project Midwest
  102. Adrian Wilford, Systems Architect, Peregrine Securities, Johannesburg, South Africa
  103. Mary Wilkerson, Mathematics and Psychology student at Virginia Tech
  104. James Wilkins, Associate Professor/Director, Sea Grant Legal Program, Louisiana State University
  105. Prof. Ken Wilkins, Professor of Biology and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies & Research, Baylor University
  106. Gerald Wilkinson, Professor, Department of Biology, University of Maryland, College Park
  107. Becky Williams, Graduate Student, Department of Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley
  108. David Williams, Network Engineer in Wrexham, UK
  109. Doug Williams, UC Berkeley Student
  110. Greg Williams, publisher, HortIdeas gardening newsletter
  111. Kimberly A. Williams, Assistant in Research, University of South Florida, College of Marine Science
  112. Laurel Williams, Child Welfare Attorney
  113. Lisa Williams, Graduate Student, UC San Diego, Department of Psychology
  114. Matt Williams
  115. Richard Williams, Medical Laboratory Worker, Ysbyty Gwynedd (North Wales NHS Trust)
  116. Ryan Williams, microbiology graduate student, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
  117. Sheridan Williams, Concerned individual, Bedfordshire England
  118. R. Paul Willing, Professor of Biology, Union College, NY
  119. Ingrid Willis, Research technician, Landcare Research, Christchurch, New Zealand
  120. Jon Wilska, Life Science teacher--retired but not retiring, Old Saybrook Public Schools
  121. Brittan Wilson, Environmental scientist, University of Kansas
  122. Caroline Wilson, Denison University
  123. Dr. Ernest Wilson, Professor of Life Sciences (Retired), Virginia State University
  124. Perry Wilson, Professor (Emeritus), Stanford Linear Accelerator Cntr., Stanford Univ.
  125. Sophie Wilson, graduate science communicator
  126. Florence Windfall, President, the Fellowship of Humanity, a Humanist Church, Oakland, California
  127. Jamie Wine, Educator, Catalina Island Marine Institute
  128. John Wingfield, Professor, University of California at Davis
  129. Gregory Wingstrom, Senior Environmental Manager, Department of Environmental Management
  130. Paul Winkler, Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society
  131. Judith E. Winston, Curator, Marine Biology, VMNH
  132. Jo�lle Wintrebert, science fiction writer, Montpellier, France
  133. Jim Wise, science teacher (retired)
  134. William Wise, amateur astronomer, Astronomy Student, Connecticut
  135. Kenneth Wodtke, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Retired
  136. William Wofford, blood bank supr, VA Medical Center, Roseburg, OR
  137. Michael Wojcik, Game Developer
  138. Sean Wojcik, a man who loves all sciences and someday wishes to learn them all
  139. Tom Wojtusik, Technology Entrepreneur
  140. Andrea Wolf, Graduate Student, University of California, San Francisco
  141. Dr. Peter C. & Jean L. Wolff, Professor emeritus SUNY/ Potsdam
  142. Cricket Wood, Lab Manager/Researcher, University of California, Santa Barbara Neuroscience Research Institute
  143. Rose Wooderson, Public Health Student
  144. Sarah Ann Woodin, Carolina Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences, South Carolina U
  145. John Woods, undergraduate, Virginia Tech Department of Computer Science
  146. Richard Woodward, Senior Scientist, Terracon Consultants, Inc.
  147. Susan Worth, SJSU
  148. Colin Wraight, Professor and Head of Biochemistry, University of Illinois
  149. Bernd Wranik, Senior Research Associate
  150. Clare Therese Wuellner, Ph.D. Entomology, Executive Director, Center for Inquiry Austin
  151. J Judson Wynne, Research Wildlife Ecologist
  152. Dr. Jennifer Wytko-Weiss, CNRS-Université Louis Pasteur, Institut de Chemie

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