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  1. Anna Vainchtein, Professor of Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh
  2. Prof. James Valentine, Professor of Integrative Biology, Emeritus, UC Berkeley, member of NAS
  3. Susan Valla, wife and mother
  4. Dr. Sebastiaan Van Beek, Writer, thinker, teacher, Amsterdam Netherlands
  5. Dona van Bloemen, International Development Cons
  6. M.A. van der Harst, LL.M. (University of Leyden)
  7. Michiel Van Dyck, reseacher, University of Antwerp departemnet MTT
  8. Prof. Antoine Van Gelder, Head of the Dept of Internal Medicine University of Pretoria
  9. Marc Van Gilst, Assistant Professor, Basic Sciences, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
  10. Lauren Dodge Van Heukelem, Science Major
  11. Andrea Van Tuyl, Clinical Research Associate/ pharmaceutical company
  12. Lauren Vandepas, University of Washington
  13. Dr. David Vanderschel, Retired mathematician (PhD Rice University '70) and computer scientist
  14. Jessica VanScoy, High School Biology Teacher, NY
  15. Elizabeth Varki, Department of Computer Science, University of New Hampshire
  16. Dawn Vaughn, Graduate Student, Department of Biology, University of Washington
  17. Kevin Vaughn, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Purdue University
  18. Kris Verburgh, researcher, Antwerp University
  19. Dr. Christian Verfaille, Ch. Verfaille, M.D., Brussels, Belgium
  20. Steven Verhey, Cascadia Carbon Institute, Ellensburg, WA
  21. Dr. P. Verlaan, Adjunct Faculty, School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, University of Hawaii
  22. Puneet Verma, ISM, Electronics & Instrumentation, Patna, India
  23. Paul Vernon-Roberts, Retired High School Teacher, Australia
  24. Philip Verstrepen, Antwerp, Belgium
  25. Dr. Edward A. Vessel, Researcher, NYU Center for Neural Science
  26. Ilya Veygman, Student at Purdue's School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  27. Peter J. Vicente, Clinical Health Psychologist
  28. Dr. Matthew Vickaryous, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada
  29. Neil Vickers, Software Engineer, Bank of America
  30. Dr. Michel J Vidal, Research Director/PhD. CNRS/Univ. Montpellier II
  31. Tracey Villanueva, Homeschool Mother, Texas
  32. Peter Vincent, PhD Student, Dept. Aeronautics, Imperial College London
  33. Dr. Robert K. Vincent, Prof. of Geology, Bowling Green State University
  34. Karen Vinculado, Delegate, Free People's Movement
  35. Benjamin Vine, Ph.D., Digital imaging specialist
  36. Dr. Chuck Vita, Environmental Consultant
  37. Dr. Ellen Vitetta, Prof. and Dir.Cancer Immunobiology Ctr. UT Southwestern Med. Ctr. , member NAS and IOM
  38. Christian Vlautin
  39. Carol Vleck, Associate Professor, Iowa State University
  40. Pia D Vogel, Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Southern Methodist University
  41. Steven Vogel, James B. Duke Professor, Duke University
  42. Alexey Voinov, Research Professor, Gund Inst. for Ecological Economics, University of Vermont
  43. Jonathan Voisey, University of Kansas
  44. John R. Vokey, Professor of Psychology, University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
  45. Kristen Vollrath, San Francisco State University
  46. Janice Voltzow, Professor of Biology, University of Scranton
  47. Frederick vom Saal, Professor of Biology, University of Missouri-Columbia
  48. Michelangelo von Dassow, Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Pittsburg
  49. Yasmin J. von Dassow, Carnegie Museum of Natural History
  50. Prof. William von Hippel, University of Queensland, Fellow, Association for Psychological Science
  51. Ted von Hippel, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Physical Sciences, Embry Riddle Aeronautical
  52. Mary Voorhees, MEMS Process Specialist/, Center for Ocean Technology, University of South Florida
  53. Tamara Voss, Analytical Chemist, Moss Landing Marine Labs
  54. Dr. Robert Vrijenhoek, Senior Scientist, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
  55. Dr. Dominique Vuillaume, Research Director at CNRS, Instutute for Electronics Microelectronics and Nanotechnology

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