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  1. Mary Jo Rabe, librarian, Germany
  2. Prof. Stuart Raby, Department of Physics, The Ohio State University
  3. Cary Rader, Math Professor, Ohio State University
  4. David Radovsky, Retired Physician
  5. Joachim Raeder, Associate Professor of Physics, UNH
  6. Thomas R. Raffel, Ph.D. Biology Program, Penn State University
  7. Michele / Raggi, Biomedical Engineer - INAIL Prosthesis Centre, Research Department
  8. Kris T Raghubir, student, York University, Canada
  9. Nima Raghunathan, Program Associate, Amazon Program, WWF
  10. Robert Raguso, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Arizona
  11. Pasko Rakic, Prof. of Neuroscience, Dir. Kavli Institute, Yale University, Member National Academy of Sciences
  12. Andrew Richard Ralston, JD, PhD
  13. Marilyn Ramenofsky, Professor, Section of Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior, University of California-Davis
  14. Francisco Ramos Stierle, PhD Student on Astrophysics, UC Berkeley
  15. Prof. Norman Ramsey, Engineering and Applied Science, Harvard University
  16. Robin Ramstad, Undergraduate MSc. student in Engineering Physics at Lule� University of Technology, Sweden
  17. Battini Sreenivas Rao, B.S.Rao, President, Progressive Organisation of People[P.O.P], Andhra Pradesh, India
  18. Sarah Raskin, Associate Professor Psychology and Neuroscience, Trinity College
  19. Craig E. Rasmussen, Ph.D., Los Alamos National Laboratory
  20. Rothermel Raymond, Geologist (retired - formerly California State Government)
  21. Martin Rayner, Professor, Univ of Hawaii School of Medicine
  22. Michael Razzino, Student in the Virginia Tech physics department
  23. Christopher Reader, Senior Software Developer, Masters Student - Grand Valley State University
  24. Sara Reardon, New Scientist
  25. Lucila Reccia
  26. Melissa Redfield, PISCO Intertidal Technician / University of California at Santa Cruz
  27. Bruce Reed, Staff Engineer, Idaho National Environmental and Engineering Laboratory (ret)
  28. Chuck Reed, Machine Operator, West Virginia
  29. Dr. Floyd Reed, Research Associate, Department of Biology, University of Maryland, College Park
  30. Dr. Harold Reed, Microbiologist
  31. Mark Reed, Professor of Geology, University of Oregon
  32. Merilee Reed, RN
  33. Douglas E. Rees, Editor and Publisher, Beatitude Press
  34. Jaclyn Reeves-Pepin, National Association of Biology Teachers
  35. Elizabeth Regan, IRB Administrative Chair, Massachusetts General Hospital
  36. Charles Eugene Reid, Research Analyst
  37. Dave Reid, PhD Student, Department of Electronics & Electrical Engineering, University of Glasgow
  38. Matthew Reidenbach, Ph.D., post-doctoral researcher, Dept. of Integrative Biology, U.C. Berkeley
  39. Philipp Reineck, physics student, University of Munich (LMU), Physics Department
  40. Morten Reintz, M.Sc., Bodø University College, Bodø Norway
  41. Prof. George Reiter, Physics Department, University of Houston
  42. Greg Rendahl, farmer, Minnesota
  43. Charles Repath, Plant and Wetland Ecologist, Private Environmental Consulting Firm
  44. Charles Repath, M.S., Botanist, Weed, Wetland and Restoration Ecologist
  45. Harald Reuter, Prof. (emer) of Pharmacology; Univ. of Bern, Switzerland, Foreign Assoc. National Acad of Sciences
  46. Jase Rex, student, University of California, Santa Barbara
  47. Agustin Reyes, author, Indiana
  48. Damian Reynolds, A Student of chemistry at UC Berkeley
  49. Edwin Reynolds, Student, Penn State University
  50. Thomas Reznick, Undergraduate Student of Science and Technology Studies, Organic Chemistry TA, Colby College
  51. Karin Rhines, science writer, NY
  52. Cody Rhodes, student
  53. Dr. Sylvia Rhue, Sexologist, Director of Religious Affairs National Black Justice Coalition
  54. Mary Rice, Senior Research Scientist Emeritus
  55. Phillip Rice, Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  56. William Richardson, Retired, Environmental Engineer, USEPA
  57. Dr. Robert Richmond, Researcher, Kewalo Marine Laboratory, University of Hawaii at Manoa
  58. Dr. Matther Richter, Small Business Owner, FES LLC
  59. Bill Rickard, Lab Technician, Iowa State University
  60. Chad Rienstra, Department of Chemistry, University of Illinois
  61. John L. Rietman, P.G. Geologist
  62. Jesse Riggle, Artist
  63. Paul Riley, Engineering Manager for Small-Appliance Manufacturer
  64. Joe Ritter, Research Scientist, Physicist, University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy
  65. Prof. Matt Ritter, Biology Department, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
  66. Prof. Daniel Rittschof, Nicholas Scool of the Environment, Duke University
  67. Cassandra Jane Rivas, Undergraduate Researcher, University of Texas-Pan American
  68. Jorge Rivero, Biomed. services company owner
  69. Suelee Robbe-Austerman, DVM, PhD, USDA, Ames, IA
  70. Robert J. Roberts, Retired Professor of Technology, Pittsburg State University
  71. Gail Roberts, Clinical Laboratory Scientist-University of MN hospital
  72. Kate Roberts, Research technician, Dept. of Ocean Sciences, University CA, Santa Cruz
  73. Peter Roberts, metallurgist
  74. Richard J. Roberts, 1993 Nobel Prize Winner in Physiology or Medicine
  75. David Robertson, industrial designer
  76. Véronique Robigou, Marine geologist
  77. Dr. Steven Robinow, Associate Professor, Dept. of Zoology, University of Hawaii
  78. Brian Robinson, Freelance technology & science writer
  79. Chris Robinson, Trinity University
  80. Prof. William E. Robinson, University of Massachusetts Boston, Environmental, Earth and Ocean Sciences Dept.
  81. Meghan Rock
  82. Dennis Rockwell, Sr.Scientist, BBN Technologies
  83. Jonathan Pace Rode, Physicist and Retired COO of Rockwell Scientific
  84. Vaughn E Rodgers, Associate Professor, Chemistry Dept, Viterbo University
  85. Kelvin Rodolfo, Geology Professor, Dept. of Earth & Environmental Sciences, Univ. of Illinois at Chicago
  86. Miguel Nuno Rodrigues, ISCTE - Instituto Superior de Ci�ncias do Trabalho e da Empresa, Lisbon, Portugal
  87. Dr. Carol Roehrs, faculty member, school of nursing
  88. Dr. Robert Roer, Dean-Graduate School & Research, Prof of Biology & Marine Biology, Univ of North Carolina Wilmington
  89. Deborah Rogers, NSF Graduate Research Fellow, Biological Sciences, Stanford University
  90. Jessica Rogers, Graduate student, Columbia University
  91. Mark F. Rogers, graduate student, computational biology, Colorado State University
  92. Dr. Mary Rogers, Epidemiologist, Dept of Internal Medicine, University of Michigan
  93. Dr. Scott O. Rogers, Professor and Chair, Dept. of Biological Sciences, Bowling Green State University
  94. Gretchen Rohrs, science teacher, Columbia (Missouri) Public Schools
  95. Michael Roitman, Assistant Professor, Dept of Math, Kansas State University
  96. Barbara Rojas, grad student, astronomy, Cornell
  97. Matthew Rollosson, Certified Neuroscience Registe
  98. Sandra Romano, Assistant Professor of Marine Biology, University of the Virgin Islands
  99. Marie-Helene Romeas, teacher, Education Nationale France, French citizen against obscurantism
  100. Prof. Laurence Romsted, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Rutgers University
  101. Dr. Douglas Root, Minnesota
  102. Michael Jay Rosch, Science Blogger -
  103. Errol Rose, High School Science Teacher, Arizona
  104. Irwin Rose, Prof. Physiology & Biophysics UC Irvine, Nobel laureate in Chemistry (2004)
  105. Rod Rose, Journalist
  106. Liam Rosen, student, University of Puget Sound
  107. Manuel Rosenbaum, retired biomedical educator, researcher
  108. Albert T. Rosenberger, Professor of Physics, Oklahoma State University
  109. Aaron Rosenblatt, Prof. emeritus, University at Albany, School of Social Welfare
  110. Prof. John Rosenfeld, Professor of Geology, Emeritus, UCLA
  111. Dr. Robert Rosenstein, Self-Employed Scientific Consultant
  112. Kenneth Rosenthal, Environmental Educator
  113. Mel Rosier, Author, UCLA
  114. Andrew Rosko, Chemical biology student at UC Berkeley
  115. Cynthia Ross, Marine Biology Student, Glendale Community College
  116. David Ross, Professor of Mathematics, University of Hawaii at Manoa
  117. Marco Rossi, researcher
  118. Fritz Roth, Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School
  119. Jean Marie Roth, student researcher at Penn State University
  120. William C Rothman, Ph.D.,National Cord Blood Program/New York Blood Center
  121. Nicolas Rousseau, PhD Student Ecole des Mines de Paris (France)
  122. Dwight Rousu, Engineer, Washington
  123. Kenneth Rowan, amateur paleontologist
  124. Matt Rowe, Sam Houston State University
  125. Dr. Sasha Rubin, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Computer Science, University of Auckland
  126. Dr. Ellen Rubinstein, Holmdel, NJ school district
  127. Maria M. Rubio, ong-time science educator, researcher
  128. Prof. Ned Ruby, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  129. Eli Ruckenstein, Member of the National Academy of Engineering, National Medal of Science Awardee, SUNY Buffalo
  130. Jon Rudd, student
  131. Gary Rudnick, Ph.D., Professor, Yale University School of Medicine, Department of Pharmacology
  132. Prof. Steven Rudnick, Environmental Earth and Ocean Sciences, Univerisity of Massachusetts Boston
  133. Penny Rudolph, science writer
  134. Loyal Rue, Professor of Philosophy, Luther College, Decorah, Iowa
  135. Adrienne Ruga, GIS Analyst, Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute
  136. Guadalupe Ruiz-Jones, Student, Chaminade Univ, Honolulu, HI
  137. John E. Rummel, Educator and Science Advocate, Madison Metropolitan School District
  138. Stuart Russell, Professor of Computer Science, UC Berkeley
  139. Brenda Rutherford, Concerned CITIZEN, Biological Scientist, University of Florida/IFAS, Plant Pathology
  140. Doug Ryan, Undergraduate Student of Science, Virginia Tech
  141. William Ryder, Behavioral Specialist
  142. Mark Ryne, Spacecraft Navigator

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