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  1. Dr. Christopher O'Brien, Department of Anthropology, California State University, Chico
  2. Erin O'Brien, Postdoc, Plant ecology, UC Santa Barbara
  3. Kathy O'Brien, Anthropology instructor
  4. Timothy O'Brien, Project Manager, Minnesota
  5. Darren O'Connor, Senior Electrical Engineer of SPEC, Inc.
  6. Jingmai O'Connor, graduate student in residence at the los angeles county museum of natural history through USC
  7. Dr. John Thomas O'Connor, CEO, H2O'C Engineering
  8. Kathleen O'Connor, Biologist
  9. Patricia O'Connor, Psychologist, St. Louis
  10. Dan O'Dea, Biology department, Central Connecticut State University
  11. Dr. Daniel John O'Donnell, Retired Technical Manager, ConocoPhillips. PhD Org Chem, Okla. St. Univ. 1978
  12. Michael O'Donnell, Principal Lecturer, Dept. of Biology, Trinity College
  13. David O'Fallon, president. MacPhail Center for Music, Minneapolis
  14. Steve L. O'Kane, Jr., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology, University of Northern Iowa
  15. Edward O'Malley, student in geology department, Richard Stockton College
  16. Michael Joseph O'Neil, Technologist
  17. Claire O'Quin, Graduate Student Biological Sciences-George Washington University
  18. Dr. Patrick O'Shea, Associate Professor of Music, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
  19. Dr. Patrick O'Sullivan, Retired Lecturer, SEOES, UnIversity of Plymouth, Author Green Science
  20. Todd Oakley, UCSB
  21. Prof. Alan Oates, Institute for Materials Research, Univ. of Salford, U.K.
  22. Jared Ocampo, Hoover High School, San Diego CA
  23. Dr. Serge Ochanine, Professor of Mathematics, University of Kentucky
  24. Genevieve Ochs, UF Entomology
  25. David Oesper, astronomer
  26. Steven I Ogawa, Principle Designer/Analyst, U.S. ABM Syst., Strategic Defense Initiative, 10-Mw Solar Plant, Barstow
  27. Dr. John Ogden, Director, Florida Institute of Oceanography, Professor of Biology USF
  28. Rupert Ogilvie, researcher, UK
  29. Tomoko Ohta, Professor Emeritus, Evolutionary Biology, National Institute of Genetics, NAS Foreign Member
  30. Tim Oldread, Public Programs Coordinator, Florida
  31. Dr. Catherine Oleksiw, Sr. Research & Evaluation Officer
  32. Kevin Olival, PhD candidate, Columbia University; Dept. Ecology, Evolution, Environmental Biology
  33. Miguel Olivares, amateur astronomer
  34. Mark Olive, Researcher, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK
  35. Prof. John Oliver, Emeritus Assoc. Professor of Astronomy, U. Florida
  36. Rev. David Oliver-Holder, Pastor, Bayfield, Wisconsin
  37. Elisabeth Olsen, medical school student, Norway
  38. Dr. Douglas B. Olson, Manager, Chemical Accident Investigations
  39. Stephen Olszewski, Senior Unix Systems Administrator,
  40. Paul Oman, University of Minnesota Alumni
  41. Vance Opperman, CEO, Key Investment, Inc.
  42. Jane Orbuch, Science Teacher/San Lorenzo Valley High School
  43. Jeff Orchard, Asst. Prof., School of Computer Science, Univ. of Waterloo
  44. Lelio Orci, Dept of Cell Physiology and Metabolism, Univ. of Geneva, foreign assoc. NAS
  45. Dr. Alessio Orlandi, Graduated at University of Bologna, Italy
  46. Prof. Ron Orlando, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Georgia
  47. Dr. Jonathan F. Ormes, Director, Denver Research Institute
  48. Abby Mechelle Orner, RN
  49. Prof. Esther Orozco, Department of Experimental Pathology, C]INVESTAV IPN, Mexico
  50. Skip Orr, Independent researcher - astronomy and cosmology.
  51. John Orrock, Ecologist, University of California, Santa Barbara
  52. Frank Orson, MD, Assc. Prof. Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine
  53. Dr. Ibo Ortgies, PhD, musicologist, Göteborg University, Sweden
  54. Debra Orton, geology student
  55. Charles Osborne, Self employeed engineer
  56. Douglas Osheroff, Professor of Physics, Stanford University, Nobel Laureate 1996
  57. David Lee Osterbur, Ph.D./Medical Librarian/Harvard Medical School
  58. Aaron Ostrovsky, Research Technician, Division of Neurobiology, University of Arizona
  59. John Oswald, CEG 2291, Engineering Geologist
  60. Hans Othmer, Professor of Mathematics-- University of Minnesota
  61. Guy Ottewell, publisher, Universal Workshop, Lyme Regis, England
  62. Prof. Charles Oviatt, Professor of Geology, Kansas State University
  63. Kellie Owens, concerned citized, University of Mississippi
  64. David Ozonoff, Professor of Environmental Health, Boston University School of Public Health
  65. Kelly O`Quin, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Maryland

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