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  1. Genevieve LaBahn, student of biology--studying to teach high school biology, Boston College class of 2007
  2. Dr. Rachel LaBell, a scientist with ImaRx Therapeutics, Inc.
  3. John LaBonte, Graduate Student, University of California at Santa Barbara
  4. Thurston Lacalli, Professor of Biology, University of Victoria, Canada
  5. Dr. Elizabeth Laffan, Adjunct Professor of Biology, East Tennessee State University
  6. J. Clark Lagarias, Professor of Biochemistry, University of California Davis
  7. Dr. Matthew LaHaye, postdoctoral scholar, Department of Physics, Caltech
  8. David Louis Lahr, Analyst Programmer, Tessella, Inc.
  9. Wendy Lai
  10. Catherine Laine, PhD Candidate, Harvard School of Public Health
  11. Christopher M. LaLone, P.E., Environmental Engineer, NYSDEC
  12. Dr. Richard LaManna, a business college in Manhattan
  13. Gordon Robert Lamb, Physicist
  14. Helena Lamb, Helena Lamb, Teacher, Mount Diablo Unified School District
  15. Charles Lambert, Professor Emeritus/Visiting Investigator University of Washington, Friday Harbor Labs
  16. Gretchen Lambert, marine biologist, Univ. of Washington, Friday Harbor Laboratories
  17. Tristan Lambert, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Columbia University
  18. Dr. Barbara Landau, Associate Professor, University of Hawaii, Manoa
  19. Greg Landkamer, Science teacher, Lester Prairie High School, Minnesota
  20. Ernest Lane, retired physician
  21. Prof. Mark Lane, Palomar College - Astronomy
  22. Danl Langer, A business owner
  23. Allen Lapin, MD, Instructor,Chemical Dependency-Peninsula College
  24. Christopher Lapish, Graduate Student: Medical University of South Carolina, Neuroscience Institute
  25. Dan Larhammar, Professor of molecular cell biology, Dept of Neuroscience, Uppsala University
  26. Lindy S Larkin, Regenerative Medicine Advocate
  27. Andrew M. Larson, Biology Teacher, Columbus North High School, Columbus IN
  28. Roger Larson, Retired, Secondary school teacher of physics and chemistry
  29. Jake Lasala
  30. Eric Laskey, Aerospace Engineer
  31. Hans Laufer, Professor, Molecular and Cell Biology, University of Connecticut
  32. Dr. Ronald C. Laugen, Retired Headmaster, Conroe (TX) ISD Academy of Science and Technology
  33. Paul C. Lauterbur, Professor of Chemistry & of Medical Information Sciences, Univ. of Illinois, Nobel Laureate (2003)
  34. Peter Lautz, Psychotherapist
  35. Louis Lavoie, retired physicist and author, University of Minnesota Space Science Center
  36. Dr. Beverly Elizabeth Law, Professor, Global Change Forest Science, Oregon State University
  37. Katherine Lawrence, Registered Nurse-ER, South Fraser Regional Health Authority, Surrey BC Canada
  38. Dr. Bonardi Layre, Université Louis Pasteur, Department of Chemistry, Strasbourg, France
  39. Amélie Le Maux, Researcher and Biology PhD
  40. Dr. Yann LeCun, Professor, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU
  41. Dr. Serge Ledan, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  42. Erin Lee, Biomedical Student, University of Auckland, New Zealand
  43. Prof. Martin A. Lee, Dept. of Physics, Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space, UNH
  44. Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn, Strasbourg, France, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, 1987
  45. Elizabeth Leininger, graduate student, Columbia University program in neurobiology and behavior
  46. Dr. Esther Leise, Professor, Dept. of Biology, University of North Carolina Greensboro
  47. Nita Lemanski, Programmer, Maryland
  48. Judith Lemus, Ph.D., USC
  49. Richard Lentini, Biologist/Retired
  50. Prof. Barr Lentz, Professor & Director of Biophysics, UNC, President-Elect of the Biophysical Society
  51. Carrie May Leonard, researcher
  52. Dr. David Christopher Leonard, historian in residence, Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association
  53. Prof. Mimi Leonard, English Dept, College of Alameda, Proud to be Atheist and Humanist
  54. Dominique Lepoutre, Asst. Prof., Rochester Institute of Technology
  55. Lawrence S. Lerner, Prof. Emeritus, College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics, California State Univ
  56. David Lesar, Professor of Psychology emeritus, St Cloud State U
  57. Laurent Lescaudron, Associate Professor in Physiology/Neurophysiology, University of Nantes, France
  58. Michael Lester, Early Medical School Acceptance Program majoring in physics, University of Alabama (Birmingham)
  59. Dr. David Lethbridge, Professor of Psychology, Okanagan College, BC, Canada
  60. Dr. Johanna Levelt Sengers, Research scientist at NIST, Emeritus since 1995; member NAS, NAE
  61. Kathryn L. Levenson, Science Teacher, Clayton Valley HS, Concord, CA
  62. Leo Levenson, Parent
  63. Dr. Roger Levien, Retired Corporate VP for Strategy and Innovation, Xerox Corporation
  64. Amaury Levillayer, French Researcher in History, Universitďż˝ de Paris X - Nanterre
  65. Alfred Levine, Professor of Engineering Sciences and Physics, College of Staten Island
  66. Vicki Levine, teacher, Lane Community College
  67. Alfred Levinson, Neuroscientist and retired economist
  68. Jeffrey Levinton, Distinguished Professor, Dept. of Ecology and Evolution, Stony Brook University
  69. Andrew Levitt, Consultant, New Standard Institute
  70. Zhipan Li, grad student from UC San Diego
  71. Opher Opher Liba, Mathematically(R), Center for Educational Enrichment, Israel
  72. Louis Liberatore, Amateur Astronomer, Cosmologist, Mid-Hudson Astronomical Association, New Paltz
  73. Dr. John Lichter, Assistant Professor, Biology and Environmental Studies, Bowdoin College
  74. Prof. Elliott Lieb, Dept. of Mathematics and Physics, Princeton University
  75. Carol Lin, Biotechnology Program Director, Columbia University
  76. Miao-Fang Lin, Scientist from Diosynth Biotechnology
  77. Jim Lindholm, Teacher, physics & mathematics, Göteborg Sweden
  78. Kristin Linhoff, reading teacher, Indian Mounds Elementary, Bloomington , MN
  79. Charles Linton, engineer, telecommunications corporation
  80. Dr. Ernest L Lippert, consultant
  81. Quinn Kerr Lippmann, Medical Student, University of North Carolina
  82. Dan Lipsa, Assistant Professor, Armstrong Atlantic State University
  83. Harriet Lister, Junior Specialist, UC Santa Cruz, Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology
  84. Matthew Liter, Well-Site Geologist
  85. George W. Little, Jr., Environmental preservationist, Kentucky
  86. Peter Van Teeckelenburgh Lobell, Earth Science Teacher; Kansai International High School; Osaka, Japan
  87. Frank Lock, Physics Teacher, Lemon Bay H.S.
  88. Dr. Stanley Locker, Research Scientist, Univ of South Florida, College of Marine Science
  89. Thomas Lockwood, Public School Educator
  90. Vincenzo Loconte, Student, KZSC Radio Staff Member, University of California, Santa Cruz
  91. Roger Lodwig, Physics student at Front RangeCcommunity College, Fort Collins
  92. Jonik Loeffler
  93. Elizabeth Loftus, Distinguished Prof., UC-Irvine, Member, National Academy of Sciences & Royal Society of Edinburgh
  94. Ken Lohmann, UNC Chapel Hill
  95. Leslie Lohmiller, M.S. Technician, Colorado State University
  96. Dr. Bernard Lohr, Department of Biological Sciences, Northern Kentucky University
  97. Prof. Scott Lokey, Department of Chemistry - Biochemistry, UCSC
  98. Prof. Joseph Lombardi, Department of Biology, Hendrix College
  99. Claudio Lomnitz, Professor of Anthropology, Columbia University
  100. Brian Long, Software Developer, Virginia Tech
  101. Wilbur L. Long, Professor of Biology, McDaniel College
  102. Dr. Dennis Loo, Professor of Sociology, Cal Poly Pomona
  103. Ali Lopez
  104. Jose Lopez, evolutionary geneticist, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
  105. Jose Lopez, Associate Professor, Nova Southeastern University
  106. David Lorge, Geologic Consultant, Nevada
  107. Prof. George Lorimer, Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of Maryland, member National Academy of Sciences
  108. Erica Lothridge, 3rd Year UVA School of Nursing Student
  109. Randi Love, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor/ College of Public Health/ The Ohio State University
  110. Carole Loveless-Mathews, Hermosa Beach, CA
  111. James Lovelock, originator of the Gaia hypothesis, author of "The Wrath of Gaia"
  112. Eric C. Lovely, Assistant Professor of Biology, Arkansas Tech University
  113. Jessica Lovering, student at UC Berkeley
  114. Donald Lovett, Professor, Department of Biology, The College of New Jersey
  115. Dr. Richard Lowell, Professor of Biology Ramapo College of NJ
  116. Elizabeth Lowry, Physics/Computer Science sophomore, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  117. David Lubman, independent research scientist, David Lubman & Associates
  118. Howard Lucas,MD, Cornell Medical College 1951, ophthalmology-Columbia Univ Institute of Ophthalmology 1959
  119. Karen Lucci, Science teacher, Hopewell Vallen Central High School
  120. Prof. R. Duncan Luce, Distinguished Research Professor, University of California, Irvine, member NAS
  121. Staffan Luckander, Nurse, County Hospital, Halland, Sweden
  122. Remy Luerssen, Research Associate, University of South Florida
  123. Nicholas Luhring, student in Physics Department at Virginia Tech
  124. Andrew Lui, 3rd Year UBC Physics
  125. Dr. Marvin Lukin, Professor Emeritus, Chemistry, Youngstown State U.
  126. Ernest Luther Lundelius, Jr., Prof. Emeritus in Vertebrate Paleontology, Dept. Geol. Sciences-University of Texas, Austin
  127. Bryan A. Luther, Professor of Physics, Concordia College
  128. Bram Lutton, Endicott College
  129. Demetrius M. Lutz, Science Instructor, New York Hall of Science
  130. Dr. Robert W Lutz, Assoc. Prof. Emeritus of Physics, Drake University
  131. Robert Lyons, Software Engineer, Unidex, Inc.
  132. Steven Lyons, High School Teacher, Allen D. Nease High School
  133. Jonas Lćret, Student, Horten High School, Norway

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