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  1. Prof. Jon Jacklet, Department Biology, University at Albany
  2. Lilia Jackman, research technician, oceanography, Bermuda
  3. Brenda Jackson, Research Specialist, University of Arizona Plant Sciences Department
  4. Donald Jackson, Professor of Physiology, Brown University
  5. Doris Jackson, AHA, FFRF, Secular Coalition for America
  6. Kate Jackson, Assistant Professor, Dept of Biology, Whitman College
  7. Stephen T. Jackson, Professor of Botany, University of Wyoming
  8. Paula Jacobs, higher educ. administration and counseling, Cornell University
  9. Rudolf Jaenisch, Professor of Biology, Whitehead Institute and Mass. Institute of Technology, member of NAS
  10. Andre Jagendorf, Professor Emeritus, Plant Biology Department, Cornell University
  11. Prof. C. Jain, Palomar College
  12. Vaibhav Jain, Research assistant /Virginia Tech
  13. Prof. Eric Jakobsson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  14. Nathan James, Business Owner - Natann Computer Consulting
  15. Heather Jamniczky, University of Calgary
  16. Andrea Jani, Graduate Student, University of California, Santa Cruz
  17. David Janovy, Professor Emeritus, Sociology and Gerontology, Minnesota State University Mankato
  18. Adam Jansen, Masters of Science in Biology at Bowling Green State University
  19. Hugh Janus, Postgraduate student, Universiteit Maastricht, The Netherlands
  20. Mark Jarosinski, President and CSO; Midwest Bio-Tech Inc
  21. Dr. Jean-Nicolas Jasmin, postdoctoral researcher, CNRS, France
  22. Prof. Marcel Jaspars, Department of Chemistry, Aberdeen University, Scotland
  23. Brian Jauch, Graduate Student, Dept. of Computer Science, Columbia University
  24. Reed W Javis, Retired NPS Regional Chief Ranger
  25. Bruce Jayne
  26. Gerard Jean, retired college teacher
  27. Richard Jefferys, Treatment Action Group
  28. Christopher Jekeli, Professor of Geodetic Science, Ohio State University
  29. Alton Jenkins, Retired Information Technologist and Concerned Citizen, Ohio
  30. Anna Jennings, Doctoral candidate, School of Public Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  31. Christopher Jensen, I.T. Administrator, Concerned World Citizen
  32. Christopher X Jon Jensen, Graduate Student in Ecology, Stony Brook University
  33. Randall Jensen, Professor of Sport and Exercise Science; Dept. HPER; Northern Michigan University
  34. Dr. Christophe A Jermann, Université de Nantes
  35. Sparrow Jessica, Georgia Southern
  36. Holly Jessop, Graduate Student, Tropical Conservation Biology, University of Hawai`i at Hilo
  37. Mingshun Jiang, Research Associate, Ecosystem Modeler, Environmental, Earth & Ocean Sciences, UMASS Boston
  38. Alison Johnson, graduate student and future professor, Winona State University, English Department
  39. Brianna Johnson, Biology student, MCTC Minneapolis, MN
  40. Chad Johnson, Arizona State University
  41. Dr. David Johnson, Professor of Philosophy, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
  42. David W. Johnson, Director, University of Minnesota
  43. Jane Johnson, retired educator
  44. Melanie Johnson, Student, The Richard Stockton College of NJ
  45. Robert Johnson, Business professional, Financial services, Minnesota
  46. Scooter Johnson, Graduate Student Physics Department UC Davis
  47. Prof. Thomas Johnson, Large Lakes Observatory, Univ. of Minnesota Duluth
  48. William E Johnson, Ph.D. Biology Instructor
  49. Alex Jones, Conservation Biologist/Antioch New England Graduate School
  50. Brian C. Jones, B.S. of Computer Science, University of West Georgia
  51. Byron Jones, Biobehavioral Health, Penn State University
  52. Jeff Jones, graduate student at UC Santa Cruz, Physics Department
  53. Philip Jones, Associate Professor of Biology, Manchester Community College
  54. Richard Jones, Research Associate, University of Arkansas for Medical Science/Geriatrics, Little Rock, AR
  55. Prof. Andrew Jorgenson, Department of Sociology, NCSU
  56. William Jorgenson, Technical Writer, Minnesota
  57. Claude Jacques Josephy, engineer, Solvay Research Lab
  58. John Jost, Retired Database Administrator
  59. Niels Joubert, Student - UC Berkeley
  60. Samantha Joye, Marine Sciences, University of Georgia
  61. Harry L. Juday, Automotive Engineer, (retired)
  62. Christopher Judd, Research Scientist (Chemistry), NYS Dept. of Health
  63. James Jump, former Counsel to the Supreme Court of Ohio (retired)
  64. Paul Junghans, Rev. Paul Junghans M.Sc.
  65. Brad Justice, Researcher, Biology Dept. University of Virginia
  66. Janice Juvland, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Outreach Rep

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