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  1. Dr. Joshua Faber, NSF Astronomy & Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellow, University of illinois at Urbana
  2. Prof. John Falk, Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Psychology, Rutgers University
  3. Daniel Fallstrand, student B�ck�ngsgymnasiet, bor�s sweden
  4. Coralie Farlee, Ph.D., sociologist/social policy research
  5. Dr. David Malcolm Farmer, Dean of the Graduate School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island
  6. David Farrell, Professor of Physics, Physics Department, Case Western Reserve University
  7. Shervin Fatehi, graduate student, Department of Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley
  8. Daphne Fautin, Prof. and Curator, Univ. of Kansas, Natural History Museum, Dept of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  9. David Federlein, Producer/Musician, Fowlsound Productions
  10. Prof. Maya Federman, Dept. of Economics, Pitzer College
  11. Chuck Fedler, Chuck Fedler, Environmental Specialist, Chugach Support Services
  12. Shirley Fedorak, author
  13. George Feher, Research Professor, University of California, San Diego, member NAS
  14. Gary Feilich, Adjunct Biology Professor/Broward Community College
  15. Rhoda Feinberg, Psychologist
  16. Nicolas Feld, Dr. Ing. at PSA Peugeot-Citro�n, Scientific Directorate Sud), France
  17. Lee Feldman-Redick, retired math professor
  18. Warren Felt, Aerospace Electronics Systems Engineer, Unequivocal Science Supporter
  19. Carol Fenske, Sales Engineer /electronic industries, Minnesota
  20. Susan Fera, software engineer
  21. Brian Ferguson, Businessman/Student Indiana University
  22. Jos� Fernandes, researcher, ITQB-ITQB-Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
  23. Roman Fernandez, President - Leftfield Advertising
  24. Dr. Vicente Iranzo Fernandez, Dept. Applied Physics, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
  25. Juan Eduardo Fernandez-Melo, Clinical Psychologist/Researcher, Spain
  26. Lopez de subijana arechabala Fernando, retired-Repsol.YPF
  27. Joan D. Ferraris, Research Scientist, Washington,DC
  28. Dr. Lara Ferry-Graham, Division of Mathematical & Natural Sciences, Arizona State University
  29. Dr. David Fiedman, Professor of Physiology, Wake Forest University School of Medicine
  30. Rick Fienberg, Editor in Chief, Sky & Telescope magazine
  31. Prof. Fernand Henri Fievet, Department of Chemistry, Paris Diderot University
  32. K. E. Filchak, Ph.D. Evolutionary Biology Notre Dame
  33. Dr. Ola Fincke, Professor, Dept. of Zoology, U. of Oklahoma
  34. Adrian Fine, Student, Geography, University of Washington
  35. Susan F. Fink, atheist math tutor
  36. Mark Finkelstein, Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus, Univeristy of California, Irvine
  37. Marilyn Fisher, Research Scientist, Biology Department, University of Virginia
  38. M. Caitlin Fisher-Reid, Graduate Student, Ecology and Evolution, SUNY Stony Brook
  39. Kevin Fitzgerald, Science Writer
  40. Else Fjerdingstad, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in Evolutionary Ecology and Genetics, CUNY
  41. J P Flatt, PhD, Prof EM of Biochemistry, Univ Mass Med School
  42. Pamela Marie Flavin-Dillon, Student of Toxicology
  43. Carol J. Fleck, High School Science Teacher, Ohio
  44. Prof. Gregory L. Florant, Department of Biology, Colorado State University
  45. James S. Foerch, Science educator, Grand Rapids Public Schools
  46. Kevin Folta, Assistant Professor, Plant Cellular and Molecular Biology, University of Florida
  47. Arlen Ford, Publisher, FordianVillage.Com
  48. Chris Ford, University of Manchester Dermatology PhD Student
  49. Vickie Ford, Docent: Cleveland Museum Natural History
  50. Jennifer Foreman, graduate student, Pennsylvania State University
  51. Timothy Foret, M.S. Zoology
  52. Barbara Forrest, Professor of Philosophy, Dept. of History and Political Science, Southeastern Louisiana University
  53. Luette Forrest, researcher, UC Irvine, Department of Physiology
  54. Prof. Nels Forsman, Department of Geology and Geological Engineering, University of North Dakota
  55. Theodore Forte, Amateur Astronomer, BBAA
  56. Loren Foss, Education & Policy Manager, Retired
  57. Michael Foster, Professor Emeritus, Marine Scientist, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
  58. Nickolaos Fotopoulos, System Analyst, TN
  59. Richard Foushee, President, Hall-Foushee Communications, Inc.
  60. Joseph Fowler, Assistant Professor of Physics, Princeton University
  61. Dr. herbert fox, physicist, educator, Physics Dept, UMass Lowell
  62. John Fox, Anthropologist
  63. Dr. Margaret Fraiser, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  64. Paula Fraiser, Retired Georgia public school science educator
  65. Charles Fraley, Operations Manager, Dept. of Oceanography, Univ. of Hawaii
  66. Urbano L Franca, PhD Student - Universidad de Valencia, Spain
  67. Valerie Franck, Assistant Professor of Biology, Hawaii Pacific University
  68. Trane Francks, localization software engineer, Tokyo, Japan
  69. Peter C. Frank, biology teacher, Many Farms High School, Arizona
  70. Peter Frank, Prof. of Biology Emeritus, Univ. of Oregon
  71. Anamarija Frankic, Assistant Professor, UMASS/EEOS
  72. Stan Franklin, Interdiciplinary Research Professor, Institute for Intelligent Systems, the University of Memphis
  73. Dr. W. Trent Franks, Staff NMR Spectroscopist, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
  74. Amy Franz, Environmental Analyst
  75. Amy Fredericks, Astronomer, government employee
  76. Morgan Fredericks
  77. Monique Fredline, teacher
  78. Dr. Leonard Freed, Director, Hakalau Forest Biological Field Station, University of Hawaii
  79. Larry Freeman, B.S., Cognitive Science, UCLA
  80. Richard Freund, Student/Kenyon College
  81. Andrea Frey, Graduate Student UNH
  82. Peter Samuel Fricano, Astronomy Dept. Lick Observatory UCSC
  83. Willem Friesema, Computer Programmer
  84. David Fritzinger, Associate Professor, Natural Products & Cancer Biology, Cancer Research Center of HI
  85. Otto Froehlich, Associate Professor, Dept. of Physiology, Emory University
  86. Gregory Fuchs, evolution science activist
  87. Denise Fuentes, graduate student, Social Work & Mental Health, University of Illinois
  88. Jathan Fuentes, musician
  89. Dr. Shigeki Fujiwara, Department of Materials Science, Kochi University
  90. Lawrence Fuller, BS Geosciences U of AZ , MBA AZ State U
  91. Dr. Michael Fuller, ecologist at the Institute for Environmental Modeling, University of Tennessee
  92. Michael Fuller, Professor Emeritus UCSB; Researcher, Univ of Hawai`i
  93. Vaughn D. Fuller, retired mathematics teacher, Maine
  94. Dennis Fung, manager, Telecom, The New Republic
  95. Marosh Furimsky, Westminster College

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