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  1. Lara Eakins, Astronomy Department staff, University of Texas at Ausitn
  2. Noelle Easterday, Student, Anthropology-University of Notre Dame
  3. Bruce R. Ebanks, Professor, Mathematics & Statistics, Mississippi State University
  4. Jessica Eberhard, Assistant Professor-Research, Louisiana State University
  5. George Eberts, Lifelong amateur astronomer, father of three public school students, Ohio
  6. Leigh Echelberger, Virginia Commonwealth University
  7. Dr. Jean Eckerly, Clinical Associate Professor University of Minnesota School of Medicine
  8. Irene Eckstrand, scientist
  9. Dr. David Edelson, Special Asst to the Dean, College of Engineering, Florida A&M-Florida State Univ
  10. Sylvia Anne Edgerton, research scientist in climate change/ cloud radiation physics
  11. Dr. Bengt Edvardsson, Astronomer, Uppsala University, Sweden
  12. John S. Edwards, Prof. Emeritus Biology, Univ. of Washington
  13. Dicey L. Efantis, Senior Clinical Research Assoc
  14. Jane Eggleston, Geologist, Florida
  15. Paul Ehrlich, Bing Professor of Population Studies, Stanford University, member NAS
  16. Michael Eiermann, USAF, Retired
  17. Matthew D. Eisaman, Applied Physicist, Palo Alto Research Center
  18. Prof. Herman Eisen, member, National Academy of Sciences;Former President Amer. Assoc. Immunologists
  19. Margaret Eisenberger, teacher, St. Albans High School, Master's in Tropical Ecology, Whitney Harris World Ecology Center,
  20. Robert Eisenman, Member, National Academy of Sciences
  21. Seth Eisenman, Laboratory Technologist - Mayo Clinic
  22. James Eisenstein, Professor of Physics, Caltech. Member of the National Academy of Sciences
  23. Laura Ek, student of OSU in Anthropological Studies
  24. Paul Eklof, Prof. Emeritus of Mathematics, UC Irvine
  25. Julie Ekman, Hydrologist, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
  26. Dr. Najib M El-Sayed, Associate Professor of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics, University of Maryland
  27. Glenn Elert, Author,
  28. Alison Elgart, Professor of Biology, Florida Gulf Coast University
  29. Thomas Elifritz, Director of Research - Formation Inc. - The Information Corporation
  30. Stephen Elledge, The Gregor Mendel Professor of Genetics, Harvard University, Member the National Academy of Sciences
  31. Dr. Thomas Ellen, NIH NRSA Judith Kirschstein Fellow, New York University School of Medicine
  32. Dr. Heidrun C Ellinger, Labhead, Cell biology and Toxicogenomics
  33. Jeff Eltom, Director - Syntec Biofuel Inc.
  34. Richard Emlet, Professor of Biology, Univ. Oregon
  35. Dr. Gerda Endemann, Instructor, Stanford University & Foothill College
  36. JoAnne Engebrecht, Associate Professor; Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Calfornia Davis
  37. S. Walter Englander, Professor of Biochemistry & Biophysics; University of Pennsylvania, member NAS
  38. Brian D. Engler, Advisory Director/Retired Executive Vice President, Military Operations Research Society
  39. Walter Enloe, active citizenship teacher, Graduate School Education Hamline University
  40. Robert Lee Eramia, amateur astronomer, member of American Association of Variable Star Observers
  41. Christoph Erbel, diploma student, Max-Planck-Institute of Quantum Optics, Munich
  42. Maillot Erick, collaborateur du Laboratoire de Zetetique
  43. Caroline Erickson, student studying GIS (geographic information systems)
  44. David Erickson, Virginia Tech Physics
  45. Wallace G. Ernst, Benjamin Page Professor, Stanford U., Member, National Academy of Sciences
  46. Sidney Eschenbach
  47. Dr. Massimiliano Esposito, Postdoctoral scholar in chemical physics, UC Irvine
  48. Preston Estep, Ph.D., CEO of Longenity Inc.
  49. Douglas Estes, Retired Engineer, BSCS - CalPoly Pomona
  50. Dr. Heather Etchevers, Staff scientist, developmental biology, Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale
  51. Dr. Robert Etges, Curacyte Discovery GmbH, Leipzig, Germany
  52. Jean Etienne,, journalist, Popular Science, Belgium
  53. Pierre Etienne, M.D., Chief Development Officer, Targanta Therapeutics, Inc.
  54. Sarah JB Evans, Director, The Bridge Medical - New York
  55. Chris Ewels, Nanotechnology Researcher, CNRS, University of Nantes, France
  56. Glenn Ewen, Laboratory Technician, New Jersey City University

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